Restarting, Yet Again.

student-writer-2400pxThe year 2014 was when I last looked at this blog. Would two posts a week be too much to ask? I make the commitment each time but fail to honour it. Why? Is it because I am overwhelmed by the enormity of the task? Or is it because I procrastinate? Or could it be the lack of inspiration? Or blame it on my inability to focus for long periods. Whatever the reason may be, I think it’s time that I started writing again, and write to enjoy it and not because I have a quota of posts to fill. What do I write about? Should it be only about travel and photography? Or should I start writing about other things as well? I thought long and hard about that and decided:

  1. I will write about everything. At some level, everything on earth is a journey. I may even post a short story.
  2. I will write two posts a week. At least for the first three months.

Let us see how that shapes up.

Picture credit: Open Clipart

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