It is indeed a long way home…

This picture was taken in January 2012 in the western Himalayas, somewhere close to the confluence of the Indus and the Zanskar. I love this particular frame, because to me, it indicates the distance yet to be traveled, whether I am the pioneer on that path or not!

It is a long way, a very, very long way to where I wish to be.

This picture was taken on a trip last winter to the Himalayas with three other friends of mine. My friend SS planned the whole trip and he chose winter, because he had been to there multiple times in the Summer, and I agreed to go along, in spite of no experience above 2000 m above mean sea level and no experience in sub zero temperatures. You must think I am crazy. Yes I am, but then, what’s traveling without some minor risks. I say minor because, we planned and prepared for it over a period of three months. The other reason why I agreed was I knew that we would get a lot of different types of landscapes and brilliant blue skies.

The story of that trip is material for at least five to six posts over the next few months, which, I hope to be regular and consistent with. All the best to me for that!

The picture is just a reminder and an affirmation to myself that I still have a long way home!

Olympus E30 | Zuiko 14-45 @14mm | f 3.5 | 1/5000 Sec | ISO 250 | Aperture Priority | ev comp 0 | Handheld | White Balance – Auto | Metering – Pattern | Basic PP on LR3+ Blues only preset.

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